Balentine Wood Flooring Company Gallery

Michael Balentine specializes in custom design and installation of wood floors. On this page there are a variety of examples for you to browse. Please remember that Michael can also install simple floors which are beautiful as well. Licensed and bonded and in business for over 35 years, Michael can do about anything with wood.

Please browse the photos below to get an idea of a few of the many design possibilities available. Michael can also duplicate your custom design ideas.

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Yeo residence, Ukiah, California

This Victorian home owned by Dennis and Madelyn Yeo was originally built in the late 1900’s in Ukiah, California. In the 1950’s the third story was removed. When the Yeo’s took possession they obtained original plans and gutted the house and had the third story added back to its original form. The home is approx. 3500sf. They purchased enough reclaimed wood to do not only the main home but enough to do another 1000 sf in a detached carriage house. The material they purchased was reclaimed from a sheep ranch in Australia There were two species of wood, Kari and Jarrah. They are kind of Aussie redwood. I was presented several pallets of the wood, some was 3 inch wide and the other was 7 inch. The wide planks I installed on the top two floors, while the 3 inch was used on the main floor. As you can see from some of the pictures I installed over a radiant heat floor. No room for error there! I milled all the pieces for the herringbone pattern as well. You’ll see some corners are made of pieces to make it a curve, this was done to mimic the existing floors that were torn out. I used Peruvian walnut for feature strip in the borders. Another interesting feature was the glass block installed in the third floor. The glass is directly below a sky lite and looking up in the second floor hallway is a stain glass panel in the ceiling. It was a clever way to bring natural light into the middle of house. 

This custom Victorian is located in La Honda, California and includes a 2 1/2 inch red oak woven border along with manufactured rosebud inlays.

This unique French Knot pattern is installed in a dining room in Lakeport, California. The floor is Brazilian cherry with dark walnut along with a narrow red oak feature strip.

Old Courthouse Museum, Lakeport, California.
In this restoration project notice how sanding and refinishing has given new life to this old fir floor.

This beautiful custom home located in Laytonville, California boasts custom tan oak flooring.

“We couldn’t be happier with the beautiful hardwood floors Michael installed in our coastal house. They really make a statement and it is one of our favorite things about the house. The honey colored fir floors and stairs are just what we envisioned. His choice of materials and craftsmanship were excellent. I’d highly recommend him.”
Steve and Dianna

Refinishing and striping of gymnasium floor.
Balentine Wood Flooring Company shown here working on a gymnasium floor. We also install and finish other sport courts.

The Bale House – This house was framed out of hay bales. It has a combination of fir end block flooring and fiber block flooring, a flooring material made from recycled vinyl and nylon fibers. The flooring was glued to a radiant heated slab.

The Mayfield Estate located in Ukiah, California has beautiful madrone flooring throughout and some interesting patterns inspired by the owner.

Steiner residence, Ukiah, California

Located in the eastern hills above Ukiah, this custom home has unique 5 inch wide prefinished black ash flooring with a micro bevel purchased from, a Minnesota company.

Paul Rykert Residence

“Just a few words in reference to Michael and the work he did for us with our flooring. He installed a beautiful red oak flooring and we must say on a scale 1 to 10 we give it a 10. He definitely puts  pride in his work it’s a joy to see someone’s so dedicated . We’re so thankful we picked him as a contractor for the flooring and would recommend him to anyone anytime anywhere.”
Paul Rykert | Pacific Wall Systems, Inc.

This prefinished parquet pattern with green diamonds is located in Pleasanton, California

These beautiful custom homes are located in the hills of Berkeley, California. One has an historical installation of reclaimed Alabama pine using pegs and the other uses as #2 grade white oak for flooring and stairs.

3 1/4 inch Douglas fir floor in Hopland, California was installed for the Bruttocco Winery family.

A variety of manufactured inlays are available for purchase. This San Rafael, California home uses several manufactured rosebud inlays along with a double walnut feature strip in a field of 3 1/4 inch white oak.